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PA Big Tree Contest


Second largest White Ash in Susq. Co.

SCFLOA is taking part in a statewide search for the biggest trees in Pennsylvania. We are conducting a search throughout Susquehanna County for 24 different native/naturalized trees during the next 6 months. This search is in cooperation with The Pennsylvania Forestry Association – Champion Trees of PA. The “PA Big Trees” website lists the biggest trees in the state as well as the biggest trees in different counties. The listings are dependent upon the past records of champion tree measurements and the most current updates. It should be noted that not all species of trees have been measured in each county.

Tree species being measured in Susquehanna County are:

  • Apple, Arborvitae, Ash, Aspen, Birches,
  • Black Cherry, Black Gum, Black Locust,
  • Black Walnut, Downy Serviceberry, Elm,
  • Hemlock, Hickories, Hornbeam, Maple(s),
  • Norway Spruce, Oak(s), Sassafras,
  • Tulip Poplar, White Pine, Willow(s).

The size of a big tree is not only determined by its circumference, but also by its height and crown spread. Points are given for the following criteria:

-1 point for each inch of trunk circumference at the height of 4.5 feet above the base

-1 point for each foot of height in a straight line from the ground to the highest point of the tree

-1 point for every 4 feet of average crown spread [(widest spread + narrowest spread)/ 2]

The sum of all points determines the tree’s size.



During the current measuring period, one tree has qualified as a State Record – an Arborvitae on the Flaherty farm in Choconut twp. The Big Tree measuring committee has measured 30 trees with at least 30 more on the list to be measured. Our current measuring team consists of Jim James, Bob Wagner, Jim Kessler, and our Service Forester Ryan Brown.

If you have a Big tree that you would like measured please use the contact form under Contact Us.


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