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Objectives and Future Direction

The mission of the Susquehanna Forest Landowners’ Association is to promote the interests of those who own or manage forested land within the county.

A breakdown of this general goal brings up a very large number of objectives, three of which will be specified here:

  1. Provide Timber Sale Advice. Crassly stated, it is in the economic interest of the forest landowner to extract the maximum value from his woodlot. How to do this is a daunting question for the layman. An immediate return on an investment in wooded property can be gained by marketing every merchantable tree. There is temptation to do this, but there are better reasons to resist. These reasons are not quickly learned and some may not be easily grasped. One objective of the SCFLOA is to enlighten, by way of savvy advice from professionals, forest landowners about the wise and prudent harvesting of his crop for sale …or to wait for a better time.
  2. Expose Intrinsic Forestland Values. The forested endowment within the state of Pennsylvania is vast and valuable. The Commonwealth was not called “Penn’s Woods” for no reason. However, the size, as well as the quality of this precious asset is not what it once was. Photographs of expansive forested vistas can give very misleading impressions. What is growing on the land is the question and often the answer is “green junk”. Determinations about what grows in the forest are often made by, for example, the white-tailed deer, or by the man with the chain saw who “cuts the best and leaves the rest”. To remind the owners of forestland of its esthetic, environmental, recreational and other non-economic values is another objective of SCFLOA.
  3. Promote Forest Management Education. It is not far-fetched to compare a patch of woods to a “garden”, or, as is often actually done, to call it a “tree farm”. Now, gardens and farms require attention and intervention. Weeds need removal, spacing needs consideration, light is required, fire must be prevented, and there are pests to be combated. There is much that can be done and when the informed and correct steps are taken, good results can be expected. But no one is born with this specialized knowledge and therefore education is required. “What should I do in my woods?” This is the question of the forest owner. It is a third component of SCFLOA’s mission is to provide answers.

Thus, advisement, education, and guide to action constitute and pinpoint three of the reasons for the existence of SCFLOA.

SCFLOA Activities

  • Spring Wood Walk,
  • A picnic in the month of June,
  • A presence at the Harford Fair,
  • A Fall Foliage Bus Tour and
  • An Annual General Membership Meeting.

Association Plans for the Future

Going forward, the Susquehanna Forest Landowners Association is resolved not to rest on its laurels, but to expand its reach, draw in a larger membership, perfect its operations and above all, to continue to preach the gospel of worthy forest stewardship.

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